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Pantano is a comprehensive design studio that builds ideas based on the needs of each of our clients. We have an excellent group of designers trained to provide effective and creative solutions

Pantano es un un estudio de diseño integral que construye ideas en base a las necesidades de cada uno de nuestros clientes. lideramos cada proyecto de principio a fin. Contamos con un excelente grupo de diseñadores capacitados para brindarle soluciones concretas, eficaces y creativas.


Brand design and strategic visual identity for your brand (companies, professionals or entrepreneurs). Design or redesign of logos. Construction and creation of brands and naming. Brand manual. Institutional stationery, advertising, merchandising, etc.

Social Media

Conceptualization of communication in social networks. Posting agenda and content generation. Monthly planning, biweekly or personalized packs. Specific communication strategy for each of the networks, making the most of all its tools: Publications, stories, animations, gifs, videos, raffles, events, promotions, etc.


Design or redesign of packaging, packs and labels for any type of product, we generate composition manuals for future releases. Exploiting your marketing strategy to the maximum.  


Graphic design

We design: banners, banners, catalogs, books, magazines, posters, posters, vinyls, stained glass, labels, bags, ppt, cards, invitations, stickers, album covers, vehicle graphics, tables, flyers, brochures, newsletters, signage, decoration of offices or premises; etc.

Web Design

We build full responsive websites that adapt to all devices (tablets, cell phones, notebooks, etc.). We are always studying the latest trends in web design to apply them to your project effectively, aesthetically and functionally.

Trade MKT

We make designs for the point of sale. We propose graphic design of borders, stoppers, stands, exhibitors, arches, gondola tips, projections, merchandising, creative structures and other material P.O.P.

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