we love what we do

Pantano is an Integral Graphic Design studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We focus on building ideas based on the wishes and needs of our customers. We lead each project from start to finish. We are a team of trained designers willing to provide you with concrete, effective and creative solutions. And above all things we love what we do



Incredibly resolutive. Flor is cheerful and creative: Personally and professionally. Dedication and love of design are evident in each project and your ideas are inexhaustible during the creative process. Your personality and experience are ideal for teamwork. Expedient and dynamic to solve the needs of the client.
He is a fan of sharing snacks and talks that can last for hours.



Detallista al extremo. Drusila es una diseñadora gráfica que sin dudas ama lo que hace. Sabe como nadie trabajar en equipo y ofrecer soluciones a los «conflictos de diseño» que se nos plantean.
Escucha lo que pide el cliente y lo baja a la realidad. Ágil, prolija y por sobre todas las cosas divertida. Es fan de compartir mates y charlas que pueden durar horas..

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